Systems As Expressions Of Pj Problems

Peter Oye Sagay

The word system is ubiquitous in design and analysis parlance. Basically, a system is the space under consideration. Everything outside the considered space is called its surrounding. Almost always, the space is occupied by matter. A system may be as simple as an atomic space or as immense as the entire Universe. The definition of a perimeter inorder to establish the space to be considered is a containership problem and any problems of interest in the space being considered are definitely Pj problems.

The number of systems that can be defined is infinite: atomic systems, molecular systems, ecosystems, respiratory system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, health systems, political systems, economic systems, social systems, etc. Fortunately, the grouping of systems is finite. Any system with respect to the definition of its containership, explicitly belong to one of the following 7 space groups:
empty space
single-matter static space
single-matter dynamic space
multi-matter static space
multi-matter dynamic space
multi-matter multi-static spaces
multi-matter multi-dynamic spaces
And the problems of interest in it are Pj Problems

Systems designs and analyses are in essence SiPjAjk designs and analyses (where Si is the ith space under consideration, Pj is the jth problem of interest and Asub>jk the jth problem's allele).

The system parlance is opaque in the sense that it does not enunciate the basic concepts of a system. The PjProblemString,SiPjAjk does immediately reveal the focus of interest in a system and the contituents of the string are very familiar to the average thinker.

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