Women Of Substance (Lyrics)

Peter Oye Sagay

These are women of faith
They are women of courage
Lovely, gracious
Bright and loyal
They are all women of substance

Sarah, Hannah, Lizzy
Women of great faith
Though hard to believe
Kept on believing
God's Promise of a child
They are all women of substance

Mary, Mother of Christ
In the face of ridicule
Shun and Isolation
Gave a Virgin Birth
She is surely woman of substance

Esther, Ruth, Deborah
Mary Magdalene, Miriam, Rachael
Priscilla, Martha, many many more
Women of vision
Women of courage
Lovely, Gracious
Bright and loyal
They are all women of substance

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Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. John 20:29

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