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Why Buhari Will Be Re-elected - I. Adegiga

The single most important current problem facing Africa is political stealing. Political stealing is a polity cancer that has been destroying modern Africa for many decades. This cancer has caused several failed states in Africa and if not eradicated, will eventually cause the permanent failure of Africa. Fortunately, some bold African leaders have decided to fight political stealing in Africa ardently. The people should support such leaders.

It is because of its commitment to the fight against political stealing that President Buhari will be re-elected. No previous leader of modern Nigeria was able to effectively send political thieves packing and running. Eradicating political stealing in a complex polity like Nigeria is difficult and cannot be accomplished in eight years how much less four years. The Buhari administration has made significant in road towards that destination. Additional four years will add to the gains and set the public mind-set and infra-structure that detest the stealing of public funds. Thereafter, it will be left to the people to decide whether or not they will continue to accept or reject political thieves as their representatives.

Many so called king-makers have assembled to prevent the re-election of President Buhari. It is no surprise. One in particular, a former president of Nigeria, an egomaniac, is never comfortable when the path to the presidency does not go through him. He deludes himself and has not realized that his king-making clout has waned. President Buhari has significant accomplishments since he became president given the state of the nation's treasury and the reduced income of Nigeria when he became president. Railways have been made operational, roads have been built, social programmes have been established, ghost workers have been deleted from federal agencies, Boko Haram has been contained and political thieves are on the run. There is still much to be done. He needs more time to add to and improve on these gains. President Buhari like any human is not perfect. However, he is not a political thief. Leaders who are not political thieves are seriously needed now in Africa.

The suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria is proper. He should have resigned once it was correctly determined that he had undeclared dollars in his account instead of going through the legal system while still in office. He cannot lead the highest court in the land while sorting out why he forgot to declare the dollars in his account in the first place.

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