The Greatest Black History

Peter Oye Sagay

Feb 25, 2019

History, is the account of past events. Often the accounting is chronological. The veracity of a historical account is dependent on the motives of those who recorded the events. Recorders with pure motives do their best to record the events without bias within the framework of available technology. Recorders who are biased manipulate the account of the events in favor of their constituents (race, family, nation, etc). Such manipulated accounts are established as truths until plausible evidence disprove them. So it came to be that there are many unconnected dots and holes in many important historical accounts.

The establishment of history on a grand scale is a function of power. Those in power determine the history to be established. Usually, the history that portrays them favorably is established and the history that portrays them unfavorably is de-established and in many cases, much energy is devoted to its suppression and if possible eventual eradication. This human trait is present in all races. Historical oppression births and sustains profound psychological ill-health that can only be cured from profound knowledge of self (Who Am I) not perpetual blame. Once the knowledge of self in the context of a people is established, knowledge gap must be overcome, for power disadvantage is primarily a consequence of knowledge disadvantage.

Humans are basically animalistic. Consequently, a significant number of human-groups will never be free of the predative instincts. These humans will prey on other groups whenever they deem it necessary. However, this can only be possible if they have the knowledge advantage. The predator-prey flow is from strong to weak not from strong to strong. The human intellect is the human strength. This is why humans are able to kill the ferocious cats and other dangerous and strong animals in the jungle. I am of the belief that the less the knowledge gap among peoples, the more peaceful our world will be. Humans are generally not suicidal. A mutual destruction scenario will often be avoided.

The black race has disproportionately been at the receiving end of unprovoked evil perpetuated by humans on other humans (slavery, the scramble for Africa, etc). Anywhere from eight to sixteen million Africans died as a result of the hash working conditions during the scramble for Africa when the continent was arbitrarily partitioned without consultation with the owners of the land. The consequences of these evils continue to reverberate today. The cure for the psychological ill-health caused by these evils will not be found in perpetual blame, demand for reparation and the sustenance of the victim syndrome. The cure resides in first, the knowledge of self and then the eradication of the knowledge disadvantage. The knowledge of self that recounts frequently, the Greatest Black History. The history of being the first race, the history in which all other human histories are contained.

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Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. John 20:29

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