The Animal In Humans

Peter Oye Sagay

Feb 17, 2018

The domestication of humans began centuries ago as humans became smarter than their fellow animals in the jungle. Civilization after civilization re-enforced human intelligence and sophistication. Unfortunately, hundreds of years of distance from the jungle have not kept the jungle away from humans. The human mind that orchestrated human departure from the jungle has now specialized in creating a jungle of entropic subsystems within systems geared for progress. This is because of the animal in humans.

Human animalness is very unique just as human intelligence is very unique relative to the animals left behind in the jungle. In fact, there is a direct relationship between human intelligence and human animalness: the more intelligent humans have become, the more severe their animalness has become. For example, the ability to kill many within minutes is a direct consequence of the availability of weapons of mass destruction. A single ferocious animal in the jungle is not capable of killing its kind en mass within minutes even if it so desire. Often, it is not those who manifest human intelligence in their creations that perpetrate the human animalness facilitated by the creations. It is those who are in some form, genetically and or environmentally unstable.

Human animalness particularly its severe manifestations (murders, political thefts and thefts in general, etc) are maladies that cannot be entirely eradicated from human societies. However, the devastating consequences of these maladies can be significantly mitigated and their proliferation can be prevented. These goals are realizable through the establishment of comprehensive security systems in important spaces such as schools and the banning of semi-automatic guns and the accessories that enhance their performance. Frankly, there is no reason why the civilian population of a country with very sophisticated military and police should own or have access to semi-automatic guns. The second amendment was drafted at a different time. There was a time when the constitution considered the negro to be a fraction of a human being. The American Gun Culture has become too costly. It has also spread to developing countries especially in Africa where gun lawlessness is becoming rampant. Many people are being killed by guns and deprived of their right to life and the pursuit of happiness. It is time for the collective human spirit spurred by the collective human conscience to say NO to the modern barbarism of the animal in humans.

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