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Its All about Pj Problem Strings - 7 Spaces Of Interest and their associated Basic Sequences; 7 Pj Problems of Interest (PPI) and their Alleles (A)


Spying is covert access into a space of interest in order to obtain data (measurement of observations) and information (shared knowledge). The spy (the entity spying) does not have to physically access the space of interest. Spying is an ancient human behavior. The motive is the need to know and there are various reasons why this need exists. One common reason is the desire of an entity to pre-empt the action of another entity. Spying between countries is called espionage.

The single most important characteristic of spying is secrecy. Hence, its fundamental law: Dont get caught. As a result, evidence does not always exist for every act of spying. The more sophisticated the spy, the more secretive the spying and the less likely that there will be evidence of the spying.

An entity or entities with the ability and opportunity to spy, will spy illegally, if the desire to know is strong enough. Infact, many individuals (status notwithstanding) are influenced more by motive than by illegality when considering whether or not to carry out an illegal act. When such individuals are highly sophisticated, they are often comfortable in their ability to avoid detection. In many instances they succeed. For example, an individual with a strong motive to leak a secret information will leak it despite the illegality of the act.

Although spying is secretive, some individuals do know when their space has been covertly accessed. This is because matter always leave vibrational imprints in any space it accesses. Some imprints are easily detected by any of the five senses while some are only detected by a sixth sense possessed by a limited number of individuals. These individuals are able to rev-up (by gift, skill, or accident) to a frequency that penetrates the frequency barrier that separates the frequency spectrum of visible access imprints (detectable by the five senses) from the frequency spectrum of invisible access imprints (not detectable by the five senses). Once in this frequency spectrum, they are able to discern that which is undiscernable by the normal five senses.

Illegal spying provides a trail to the spies only if the spies are amateurs.