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Spiritual But Not Religious - Kimberlee J. Benart

I saw the title of the blog and took the time to read it, but how it saddened me to see it full of harsh unkindness. One told another he would go to hell for not believing; “That’s why I left and won’t go back,” said one with heartfelt feeling.

Are we not told, time after time, that Love is religion’s message? If we don’t love our neighbor better, we’re better off without it. If we each plow our own path straight, not watching others’ furrows, do we not show a better faith than one which inflicts sorrows?

The world is full of greed and hate; one hurts another daily: a child’s hunger, a woman’s cries, whole ethnic group’s destruction. Can we not tackle these instead and heal what wounds we can?

Let actions speak our heartfelt care: our care for fellow person. Let Heaven worry what judgment we face; just love and understand. Why spend energy in argument, when souls need helping hands? If our religions can convert us to kindness, peace, and justice, might there be fewer compelled to say they are spiritual but not religious?