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Its All about Pj Problem Strings - 7 Spaces Of Interest and their associated Basic Sequences; 7 Pj Problems of Interest (PPI) and their Alleles (A)

Sound - As Expression Of Pj Problems - Peter O. Sagay

Sound is initiated when matter vibrates. The vibrations create longitudinal wave (compression and rarefaction motion) energy that can only travel in a medium (i.e. the wave energy can not travel in a vacuum). It is this wave energy that sound-sensors (ears in humans) sense and relay to a processing unit (brain in humans) where the wave energy is interpreted as sound.

The pitch of a sound is determined by the fastness or slowness of the vibrations that caused the sound. Quick vibrations produce high-pitch sounds while slow vibrations produce low-pitch sounds. A complete vibration (one compression and one rarefaction) make up a wave. So in other words, a high-pitch sound is a high-frequency sound (frequency is the number of waves produced in a given time) while a low-pitch sound is a low-frequency sound. Humans hear sound with frequencies ranging from 20 - 20,000 Hertz. A sound is ultrasonic if its frequency is greater than 20, 000 Hertz. A sound is infrasonic if its frequency is less than 20 Hertz. Amplitude is a measure of the energy carried by sound waves. The amount of the energy carried by a sound wave in a given time is called its intensity. The greater the amplitude the greater the intensity (compressions more crowded and rarefactions less crowded). The loudness of a sound is determined by its intensity. The greater the intensity of a sound the louder the sound.

Most vibrations are a mixture of different sound waves and every sound source produces a unique mixture. Music is sound waves that are pleasing to the ears because the pitches of the sound waves are varied and pleasantlyy arranged. Noise is random sound waves with very little or no variation in pitch.

The matter that vibrates, the vibrations, the logitudinal waves the vibrations caused, the wave energy, the sound-sensors, the processor that processes the sensings and the interpretation of the sensings are all expressions of Pj Problems. Consequently, sound is an expression of Pj Problems.

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