Simplicity Of Nature's Infinite Intelligence

Peter Oye Sagay

Apr 15, 2017

Nature has dual meanings in this presentation: (a) the totality of the being of the physical Universe. (b) the Being with the Force responsible for the being of the physical Universe. The meaning of Nature expressed in (a) is usually universally accepted. The meaning of Nature expressed in (b) is subject to various philosophical and theological interpretations: there are those who doubt the existence of the Being and the Force; there are those who believe in the non-existence of the Being and the Force; and among those who believe in the existence of the Being and the Force, there are various interpretations of the Identity (e.g., name and characteristics) of the Being. This presentation is rationally premised on the existence of the Force because Work was done to establish the physical Universe and wherever there is work, there is force. The Being with the Force in (b) is named God in this presentation. Infinite Intelligence implies the Intelligence of God (the knowing of everything in the Universe).

God expresses His Infinite Intelligence broadly and simply through the mathematics of addition and subtraction. This simplicity is implied in figure 1.1. Once the containership of Space is established, the events that occur in space are simply additive or subtractive events within the framework of Pj Problems.

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Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. John 20:29

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