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Selective Freedom - Peter O. Sagay

Freedom is the condition of not being controlled by another. The implication here is not that a person is perfectly free to do whatever he or she pleases at any given space-time. Perfect freedom exists only in a lawless space where everyone is accountable to no one. Such a space will eventually self-destruct because of the existential tendency towards disorder. Consequently, what the world has come to know as freedom is actually selective freedom. Selective freedom is a condition of bounded uncontrollability. In other words, the condition of not being controlled by another is a bounded continuum in which an entity is subject to no control by another when functioning within certain boundaries (boundaries of uncontrollability). But beyond the boundaries of uncontrollability, an entity is subject to control by another and may potentially loose its freedom.

In an organised space, the boundaries of uncontrollability and those that have the authority to guard the boundaries and the punishment for breaching the boundaries are usually stipulated in the law system of the space. The nature of this law system is usually an indicator of the extent of selected freedom in the space.

Selective freedom cannot be forced on a space by another external space. For example, consider countries X and Y. X has no right to force a type of selective freedom on Y and vice versa. However, if a provision in the selective freedom of X breaches a formal agreement between X and Y (or vice versa), a consequence of the breach can be to enforce the removal of the provision from the selective freedom. For example, X has no freedom to build nuclear weapons if it has entered into a formal agreement with Y not to build nuclear weapons. Consequently, the freedom to build nuclear weapons must not be part of X's selective freedom. If the agreement is breached, Y has the right to respond and enforce the terms of the agreement (the reponse must be as stipulated in the agreement in the event of a breach). In the absence of an agreement, any space has the right to include in its selective freedom, the right to pursue and acquire any type of knowledge.

The selectivity inherent in freedom implies that selective freedom is relative to its space. Nonetheless, humane existence of all beings is a universal right and must be the cornerstone of any selective freedom.

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