Primordial Equilibrium

Peter Oye Sagay

Primordial Equilibrium is the health-state that primordial care guards in its role as existential guardian of an entity's health-state. In other words, primordial equilibrium is an entity's optimal health-state.

The blue print for primordial equilibrium is contained in all entities. These blue prints are not necessarily the same for all entities. However, they all have the same unique objective which is to provide the information needed by primordial care to maintain or restore primordial equilibrium.

The primordial equilibrium of an entity can be disrupted by unhealthy activities of the entity or by the activities of other entities. Any such activities are existential hazards and they impair an entity's health-state. In some instances they may end the existence of the entity. The degree to which primordial care can fully restore primordial equilibrium after it has been disrupted by existential hazards, depends on the capacity and resilience of primordial care. For example, primordial care does not have the capacity to restore the life of a dead entity. Some examples of primordial equilibrium are the hydrogen-burning or main-sequence phase in stars and homeostasis in biological systems. Some consequences of the disruption of primordial equilibrium are global warming and man-made debris in space.

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