Palace Intrigues

Peter Oye Sagay

Oct 01, 2018

A palace is the residence of a king or queen. An intrigue is a secret plot. Palace intrigues are secret plots that originate in palaces. This meaning has been generalized in this presentation to mean any highly sophisticated secret plot concocted and controlled in any powerful space. The motive behind any palace intrigue is power.

Power has myriad facades. The most desired facade is the power of ownership expressed as control: One owns self, therefore, one controls self; one owns this or that property, therefore, one controls what to do with the property, all within the purview of the law. The battle or war for and eventual possession of the power of ownership always involves the concoction and successful execution of palace intrigues. In other words, involuntary transfer of power always involves palace intrigues.

The concept of ownership is very vivid in many instances. For example, everyone is conversant with the concept of property ownership. However, there are some important instances where the concept of ownership is not vivid to the average person. Such instances are commonly found in political systems.

Over the years, humans have evolved and qualified various political systems without knowing that in essence all political systems are variants of constitutional monarchy. A monarch is one with the ultimate power in a space with respect to control. Constitutional monarchy started in the household of the first human family. Over time, it morphed into various forms of political systems without loss of its fundamental characteristic: its monarchical aspect. In fact, these various political systems came into being because of the paucity of benevolent traditional monarchs. Thousands of years and still counting, many people still serve the same God because He or She is Benevolent. Apply some thought to the examination of the political system you are familiar with and you will find its monarch(s). In other words, all political systems have monarchs. The variation is embedded in the duration, form and number of monarchs. In American Democracy, the Supreme (note the word supreme) Court Justices are the monarchs. In other words, the supreme court justices as the interpreters of the constitution, have the final say in the American space and thus control everyone. It is true that congress (representatives of the people) makes the laws. But congress is not the interpreter of the constitution that governs everyone. The president and the senate are the monarch makers.

The ongoing palace intrigues with respect to the seating of a supreme court justice in the United States is not surprising. It is an expected throne-fight. It is normal for those acquainted with palace intrigues geared toward throne ascension to expect and be prepared for the good, the bad and the ugly.

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