Optimizing Learning By Stringing The Brain

Iremisan Adegiga

Oct 27, 2019

Ancient humans knew very early on that they did not have the physical strength of the wild predators they saw all around them. So, they had to learn to out-think the animals. The human capacity for thought has developed superbly over the centuries. The various civilizations humans have created are strong evidences of this superbness.

The excitement of discoveries and their applications did not allow humans to seriously investigate whether or not Nature also has codes for learning the knowledge it has made available in the Universe. Consequently, the humans who were at the forefront of the human intellectual journey came up with their own system of learning by establishing various specializations with various ologies, ics, tries, etc, and numerous centers of learning. This learning template is now the default template and has been adopted by most education systems.

In my early days at tectechnics.com, Oye Sagay posited the following:

"... although the established system of learning has been beneficial, it is not optimal especially in post secondary education. The Knowledge-Information Continuum has become too disjointed and overly redundant and burdened. Nature is unaware of the ologies, yet it is able to create the most complex systems. This is because Nature knows that the knowledge it has made available in the Universe are different manifestations of the same simple, finite and repeatable fundamental concepts which I call PjProblemStrings. Stringing the brain is reducing the knowledge of interest into PjProblemStrings."

I have studied PjProblemStrings extensively. Stringing my brain optimizes my learning especially in the area of new and complicated knowledge because it simplifies my approach. In other words, I look for PjProblemStrings (they are everywhere and in everything) and their interdependencies from the onset. The big picture emerges as I identify them. Some knowledge are more difficult to string than others. However, the stringing path is always the optimal path, intellectually and economically. It reveals the wholeness of the knowledge of interest.

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