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Onset Of Homo (Sapiens)3 - Peter O. Sagay

The homo sapiens series was introduced in Homo (Sapiens)n And The End Of Time. The gist of that presentation is that the evolution-track of homo sapiens consists of n-states and that the chief characteristic of the nth-state will be infinite intelligence. In other words, Homo (Sapiens)n will be infinitely intelligent and they will know all there is to know about the Universe. Current humans are homo sapiens-sapiens (homo (sapiens)2).

The Onset Of Homo (Sapiens)3 implies that the stage is being set for the emergence of Homo (Sapiens)3. This group will be the initial human citizens of the initial nations of outer-space. Homo (Sapiens)n will be their descendants. However, this progression is only possible if homo (sapiens)i (2≤i≤n) does not self-destruct. For example, Homo (Sapiens)3 will not emerge if Homo (Sapiens)2 self-destruct on earth.

The journey towards infinite intelligence is always bittersweet: whenever homo sapiens transit into states of improved intelligence, they increase their risk of survival. The intelligence that uplifts is often the intelligence used to create weapons of destruction. Furthermore, some are always left-behind mainly because their spaces failed to produce the visionary leaders that understand the dynamics of space in the context of human acquisition of natural knowledge.

Some groups will be left-behind when Homo (Sapiens)3 emerge especially if they continue to ignore the knowledge-gap in the race towards infinite intelligence. Whether they will continue to survive when that time comes, or become the future Neanderthals, will depend on the intent of Homo (Sapiens)3 and the state of earth when Homo (Sapiens)3 have left.

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