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One Nation Under What? - Peter O. Sagay

A nation is a group of individuals with different identities. So at formation, founders of a nation usually establish a group of identities that together form the common identity of the nation: a name, a flag, a song and above all, a document called the constitution which often is amended as the nation grows. This common identity is expected to guarantee the oneness of the nation. This oneness does not imply a perfect union devoid of internal strife (rivalries, criticisms, bickerings, disagreements,etc) among the citizens of the nation. In fact, the extent to which internal strife is allowed is usually stipulated in the constitution because it is expected. What this oneness implies is the acceptance of the constitution by all. A rejection of the constitution is a rejection of this oneness. In other words, a prelude to a rebellion.

There are times when a rebellion or its milder siblings such as civil disobedience are necessary in a political space. The wise knows when and how to properly execute it. The fool does not and is unable to contemplate and understand deeply, the question: One Nation Under What? So he or she shouts: "REBEL!", "RESIST!", "IMPEACH!", etc.

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