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Its All about Pj Problem Strings - 7 Spaces Of Interest and their associated Basic Sequences; 7 Pj Problems of Interest (PPI) and their Alleles (A)

Networks As Expressions Of Pj Problems - Peter O. Sagay

A net is a group of interconnected spaces. The spaces may be small (a point net, a mosquito net) or they may be large (a net of cities, a net of countries, a net of continents). The interconnections also vary in both manner of connection and the materials used for the connections. For example, the connections may be local (LAN) or wide (WAN); visible (wire connections) or invisible (radio waves connections). When matter contained in a net do work, the net is called a network. In other words, when the interconnected spaces of a net are all empty spaces, no work is done by the net. Therefore, such a net is not a network.

Networks are existential prerequisites for the formation of complex beings. For example, all human-body systems are networks. Each network is assigned its work and together they form the complex network that maintains the body's primordial equilibrium. Trade networks expressed as markets; city networks (interconnection of cities); computer networks; telecommunication networks; health-system networks are other examples of networks. In fact, nature's networks and man-made networks are everywhere. The Internet Of Everything was established by nature long ago. Humans are only just beginning to toolify the concept.

The connected spaces; the matter and energy in the spaces; the connections and the work done within the connected spaces are all expressions of Pj problems. Consequently, networks are expressions of Pj Problems.

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