Many Kingdoms Within Nigeria's Democracy (2)

O. A. Asemota

Oct 17, 2021

In Many Kingdoms Within Nigeria's Democracy (1) and Why Greatness Eludes Nigeria, I focused on what the British did after they conquered the space they christened Nigeria. Specifically, they dismantled the indigeneous political systems they met, established British rule and eventually amalgamated the kingdoms they conquered. In this presentation I focus on the kings in the many kingdoms within Nigeria that were conquered by the British.

The inspiration for this article is the compound word politically-locked. I first heard this word from research mathematician Peter O. Sagay pre-covid -19, when we were interacting on tectechnics matters. He used it in a context different from that being presented here. I am familiar with land-locked but not politically-locked. So I asked for clarification. Sagay defined politically-locked as follows: "inability to realize full potential because of political confinement". In other words, an entity that is politically locked can never realize its full potential not because of its own limitations but because others have confined it through political means.

Humans blame easily and a lot. Often the blames are directed towards others. For example, the British caused our problems...; colonization caused our problems...; slavery caused our problems...; the military caused our problems..., the constitution is not good...; we don't have resource control...; corruption is the problem...; etc. When I first presented Why Greatness Eludes Nigeria about a couple years ago, I received a barrage of insults and criticisms. Most of the criticisms went like this: "most of you living abroad go online from your privileged positions...what have you done on the ground here to help people?. These particular criticisms were based on ignorance. Many people do not broadcast their good deeds. They do them quietly and efficiently. We have helped many individuals in Nigeria financially and educationally and we continue to help individuals of interests. Nonetheless, the fundamental question is about the kings and chiefs in the many kingdoms in Nigeria who are ancestral custodians of their respective kingdoms. What have they done or are doing about being politically-locked?

Kings and chiefs of the many kingdoms within Nigeria's democracy are responsible for securing their respective kingdoms when the federal and state governments fail to secure them because they are the ancestral custodians of the spaces. They need not be kings and chiefs if they are unable to secure their respective kingdoms. The security of space is the fundamental prerequisite for the development of space. Real kings and chiefs correct security problems in their kingdoms when the government fails to correct them. In an era when the evolution of humans into homosapiens3 is unfolding in some parts of the world, the most populous space in the cradle of humanity is worrying about medieval terrorisms: herdsmen set up camps in the outskirts of towns and cities, kill innocent citizens who are unable to pay ransoms and raid farmers and their farmlands; bandits raid churches, primary, secondary and tertiary schools, and abduct clergy, students and teachers for ransoms; they ambush and kidnap innocent citizens as they travel and even in the comforts of their homes. Abba! where are the kings and chiefs in these spaces? Many of them bask in royalty as they sit on their thrones; and drive in exotic vehicles manufactured in other kingdoms without wondering why their kingdoms are unable to manufacture such vehicles. Many of them hold on to cultures without realizing that mathematical and scientific giantism is at the apex of culture. This deficiency was the reason their kingdoms were conquered in the first place.

It has been over a century since the kingdoms in Nigeria were conquered. The blame for a dysfunctional Nigeria now rests squarely on the feet of the thrones of the many kingdoms in Nigeria. The space now called Nigeria will swim or sink according to whether or not the kingdoms in Nigeria swim or sink. Those who go to the federal capital Abuja, and other states capitals to protest, chant and express their angers are misdirecting their angers and blame. Just as charity begins at home, solutions to problems begin at home. A President sitting in Abuja cannot solve all the security problems in Nigeria. The insecurity in Nigeria has metamorphosed and is dynamically adaptive and resilient. So, those angry protesters should direct their frustrations to the palaces in their respective kingdoms and request that their kings and chiefs unlock their kingdoms so that security and prosperity can be ushered in.

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