Why Do Humans Need Leaders?

Question By Deborah

Hello Deborah,
Thank you for your question. The concept of leadership originated from the concept of associations or groups. The first association was established when the Creator of the Universe associated matter with Space. Since then, there have been all sorts of associations. Human associations always need coordination and focus. Those responsible for ensuring that an association stay focused on its mission are the leaders of the association. An association can be a family, a community, a business, a country, etc. No matter its type, an association needs focus and consequently, it needs leaders.

Now, humans are supposed to be very intelligent why can they coordinate themselves? There are groups of humans who do coordinate themselves. This scenario does not mean that there are no leaders. It means that there is collective responsibility for the coordination and focus of the association. In other words, collective leadership. Collective Leadership is difficult to implement in a complex association, that is, an association with a complex mission, a large and highly heterogeneous population. This difficulty is due to the abundance of interests and opinions that are inherent in a complex association.

In conclusion, humans generally, want to operate their associations efficiently. This desire is the fundamental reason why humans need leaders. The desire for a leader does not necessarily translate to the selection of an excellent leader. Oftentimes, humans select bad leaders that lead their associations down the wrong ways. The appropriateness and efficacy of the various methods humans use to select their leaders is an elaborate subject.

Peter Oye Sagay

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