Jealousy - The Green Eyed Monster

Iremisan Adegiga

Jun 03, 2018

Human imperfection with respect to existential living is an existential reality. As humans live day by day, they fall short of the marks they set for themselves, or that societies set for them; or that their religions set for them; etc. I am definitely a member of the group of imperfect humans. However, there is an aspect of my daily living in which I am very close to perfection: the respect of the spaces and properties of others. In all of my years as a young adult, student, professional and now a retiree, there is definitely no instances when I disrespected the spaces and properties of others. It was a lesson I learnt from my parents and grandparents at a very young age. I am not able to say I am absolutely perfect in this aspect of my life because I do not fully remember all of the activities I was part of during my pre-teen years. However, If there was any instance of serious disrespect during this time, I know I would have remembered it because my parents would have made sure of that. So, this time is a grey area and I can not tally it.

On Tuesday 22, 2018, our website was maliciously attacked. I found out about it when Oye Sagay informed me, Asemota and another colleague that work with us behind the scene. We were familiar with sporadic skirmishes and accepted them as part of being in the internet. But this particular attack was full of malice. The individuals were so malicious that they wiped out all the content we had online. I was so furious because I could not understand the type of mind that takes pride in such activities. Sagay was definitely upset. However, his reaction was mostly surprise. He was surprise that root access was breached even though we are paying extra for server security. He later concluded that the attack was a sabotage based on jealousy. He then informed us that the saboteurs used the subtractiveness of events in space within the framework of Pj Problems to delete all of our content. We have to find out how they did it and then use the additiveness of events in space within the framework of Pj Problems to restore our content. So we did.

Asemota later said jealousy is called a green-eyed monster because it is pleasant looking until it unleashes its evil. We associate pleasantness with most things green (green grass, green trees, green movement etc). But lurked in some of these pleasantnesses are ferocious evils like the type of evil jealousy that caused Kane to kill Abel.

That brings me to the fundamental question: why destroy things that are good? I am a beneficiary of the goodness of I do not mean this in monetary terms. I have sufficient money of my own to live on. I volunteer some of my time here at because I learnt here what Oye Sagay calls the Key To The Kingdom Of Conceptual Knowledge. This thought was not available in any of the good schools I attended nor at the corporations I worked. There are others who have benefited also. Our audience span all of the continents. The number is not numerous but is very significant and its growing. They are intelligent people who come to read our content. Why deprive them of that right? Respect the spaces and properties of others so that it may be well with you.

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