Human Cells As Expressions Of Pj Problems

Peter Oye Sagay

Human-Cells are the fundamental building blocks of the human-body. There are about 10 trillion cells of about 200 different types in the human-body. The fundamental objective of human-cells is to sustain the survival of the human-body. Consequently, the cells are constantly working to maintain the primordial equilibrium necessary to realize survival. In the cells, are the substances the cells need to carry out their cellular work and the work horses are the proteins known as enzymes. In fact, the human-cell is a micro-lab in which myriad chemical reactions are made possible by enzymes.

The containership of the human-cell; the identity expressed by the substances in the human-cell (DNA); the work expressed by the chemical reactions in the human-cell and the survival realized by the work; are expressions of PJ Problems. Consequently, human-cells are expressions of Pj Problems.

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