HomoSapiensn And The End Of Time

Peter Oye Sagay

Nov 24, 2018

Homo sapiens (wise man) emerged as a new human species on earth about 400,000 years ago. They were preceded by other groups of hominids: Australopithecus (about 4 million years ago), Homo habilis (about 2 million years ago) and Homo eretus (about 1.5 million years ago). About 200,000 years ago, Homo sapiens sapiens (wise wise human, a type of Homo sapiens) emerged in Africa. They eventually replaced the Neanderthals (another type of Homo sapiens), to become the dominant human species. About 100,00 years ago, they slowly but surely spread out to different parts of earth. Modern day humans are Homo sapiens sapiens.

The emergence of Homo sapiens established the sapiens power: (sapiens)n. Homo sapiens is the case in which n = 1; Homo sapiens sapiens is the case in which n = 2. There will be a sapiens power n much greater than 2. In other words, there will exist wise, wise, ... n, humans before Time will end. These Homo (sapiens)n will be exceedingly intelligent (intelligence will be close to infinite intelligence). They may be the entities that will herald the end of Time. How so?

In What Is Time, a conception of Time was presented. The details of this Time are expressed in St Augustine On Time; Bergson On Time; Heidegger On Time; Kant On Time and Sagay On Time. The key information about this Time are as follows:

Time is a continuum of existential awareness and is triadically structured.
The components of this triadic structure are: tb (the time of birth); td (the time of death) and ti (the time in between).
These components are made manifest in daily languages by the infinitely many ts that represent the snapshots of Time.
The triadic structure of Time is absolute in the sense that it is unchangeable, no matter the relative motion of frame of references.
The time equations of the Lorenz transformation are as follows:

t'b = tb(1 - v/c)/[1 - v2/c2]1/2 --------------(1)

t'd = td(1 - v/c)/[1 - v2/c2]1/2---------------(2)

t'i = t'd - t'b = ( td - tb) (1 - v/c)/[1 - v2/c2]1/2--------------(3)

Where tb, td and ti are the components of the triadic structure of Time in frame of reference K
t'b, t'd and t'i are the components of the triadic structure of Time in frame of reference K' moving at a velocity, v relative to K.
c, is the velocity of light.

We see from equations (1), (2) and (3) that existence as we know it vanishes when v = c. In other words, if we take K as the frame of reference of creation and K' as the universe's frame of reference in motion relative to K, the velocity of K' must be equal to the velocity of light before Time will end (i.e. before the universe will vanish and be no more). This implies that the current slowing motion of the cooling Universe will be sped up to the velocity of light in order for Time to end. What will cause the speed of the Universe to increase to the velocity of light? A cosmic cataclysm? Perhaps. However, such a cosmic cataclysm will not be random because random events in a very extensive Space do not usually cause total destruction (some subspaces in the Space usually dodge the bullet). So, we are left with the possibilities of caused motion. In other words, some entities with the knowledge of how to manipulate the motion of the universe will accelerate the motion of the Universe to the velocity of light. Probable entities are:

(a) The Creator (if you believe in One) and possessor of infinite intelligence who created the Universe in the first place.
(b) Homo (Sapiens)n who would have acquired close to infinite intelligence.
(c) Some other being that is not a derivative of the Homo sapiens series who would have acquired close to infinite intelligence.

Time will end through the activities of one of the aforementioned entities ((a), or (b), or (c)). The possibility one speculatively embrace will be influenced by one's theological or philosophical orientaion. In my opinion, possibility (c) is least probable because I believe that the manipulators of the physical universe will always be the Creator of the Universe and members of the Homo sapiens series. Consequently, when Homo (Sapiens)n emerge, possibility (a) or (b) will be plausible. The Universe will eventually be sped up to the velocity of light and returned to its initial singularity. It will explode and a new Universe will be initialized. Our experiences here on earth reveal that Homo sapiens sapiens do self-destruct even in the presence of the Creator. Will the Creator allow Homo (Sapiens)n to self-destruct and take all of the Universe along?

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