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Great Concepts From Africa - Peter O. Sagay

Africans established human existence on Earth. There is no human accomplishment greater than this. In addition to pioneering human existence on Earth, Africans gave humanity the following great concepts:
(1) The Concept of Human-Family: the first human-family was created in Africa. This concept is the basis for the concept of communities and nations.
(2) The Concept of Weapons: the first weapon was created in Africa and in essence tools in general. Weapons now allow nations to defend themselves and unfortunately to do other bad things.
(3) The Concept of Heat: the first fire was made in Africa and consequently, the first cooked food and the first human-made warmth.
(4) The Concept of Dwelling: it was in Africa that the first dwelling was built. Africans established the goodness in the container we now call a house. The three fundamental components of a house they established (a base, a body and a roof) remain the defacto structure of a house.
(5) The Concept of Communication: communication through sign, art and sound and in essence language, were first established in Africa. These language modes set the stage for the richness of art and music in Africa and the invention of formal writing by the Phoenicians.
(6) The Concept of Healing: It was in Africa that plants were first used as medicine. A practice that continues to be an integral part of modern pharmacology.
(7) The Concept of Learning: the first formal human teachers and students were African hunters and hunting-trainees. Hunting was the top profession among ancient humans. It was a job that was taken seriously and that involved rigorous ritualistic trainning because it was necessary for survival.
(8) The Concept of Clothing: it was in Africa that humans first decided to cover-up themselves. First with fig leaves and later with the skin of animals.
(9) The Concept of Human Migration: the first migration came out of Africa. Thank God it occurred! There would perhaps have been no other race.
(10) The Concept of Burial: it was in Africa that humans first learned to bury and honor their dead.

It is unwise to confuse the visionless leadership of some modern African leaders who steal the resources of the people, with Africans in general. When next you feel the urge to insult the whole African continent, remember that you may be insulting yourselves because all races are derivatives of the African race.

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