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Gender Math Based On Non-Autosomal Chromosome Pairings - Peter O. Sagay

Language is a mapping of symbols into space in order to establish generally accepted meanings for space and its contents. The objective of language is to establish understandable communication. The mapping that language establishes is not absolute. In other words, language is dynamic. However, natural meanings to which the symbols of a language are assigned are fixed until they are changed by evolution.

Consider a human space S that has existed for many generations and in which a generally accepted language has been established. Now suppose the word gender in the language of S has been mapped onto the specific natural meanings of non-autosomal chromosome pairings: the word female is mapped onto the pairing of two X chromosomes (XX) and the word male is mapped onto the pairing of a X chromosome and a Y chromosome (XY). The words gender, female and male are changeable. But the natural meanings of the chromosome pairings, XX and XY are fixed until they are changed by evolution. Now, suppose a new generation in space S comes along and introduces the words gender neutrality and transgender. To what extent can these words be plausibly mapped onto the natural meanings of non-autosomal chromosome pairings?

Given that gender has been mapped as indicated in space S, there is no gender neutrality in the biological sense because the non-autosomal chromosome pairings XX and XY are fixed with respect to biological meanings. Consequently, gender neutrality can only be proffered in the context of social behaviors in which one chooses to be indifferent to the biological characteristics of gender. Nature has biologically grouped humans into two primary groups: chromosome pairing XX and chromosome pairing XY. Nature's primary objective for this grouping is to ensure the continuation of the human specie. The words a given space maps onto these groupings is a consequence of language.

Transgender can be plausibly mapped onto the natural meanings of non-autosomal chromosome pairings if and only if there is biological mal-pairing of non-autosomal chromosomes. For example, in the XX chromosome pairing, a X chromosome may bring to the pairing more Y traits than X traits, or sufficiently significant Y traits so as to dilute the XX pairing. Similarly, in the XY chromosome pairing, a Y chromosome may bring to the pairing more X traits than Y traits, or sufficiently significant X traits so as to dilute the XY pairing. Consequently, external biological manifestation may not be wholly in sync with gender awareness of self. Biological mal-pairing of non-autosomal chromosomes does not imply chromosome defect.

Gender math is the equality established between the meaning of gender as mapped onto natural meanings and gender awareness and expressions. This equality is usually established by nature. A deviation from gender math is either a choice expression with no biological support or a choice expression with biological support such as chromosome mal-pairings. In a free space, an individual has the right to change the biology of his or her gender. Modern technology has made such changes feasible. In the final analysis, only the gender awareness and expressions that can be plausibly mapped onto natural meanings are usually generally embraced.

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