Force Of Being

Peter Oye Sagay

Existential State of Awareness is at the heart of the definition of Time. It was used frequently by Philosopher and theologian, St Augustine and philosophers Kant , Bergson and Heidegger in their conceptions of Time. What is the meaning of Existential State of Awareness? Well, Existential State of Awareness is the synthesis of the Health-Risk Continuum and the Knowledge-Information Continuum. By this I mean that an entity has a primordial health-state that is consituted by its elements, and associated with this health-state are: a continual probability of loss (risk); a continual self-knowledge of health status; and a continual sharing of this knowledge among the elements that constitute the entity. This synthesis establishes a continual variable state of stress that culminates in the upper bound of the limit of its elasticity. This upper bound is death. It can be shown mathematically, that in the case of humans, this state of stress can be approximated by a single physical quantity, I call the stress tensor, which acts on an elementary area in the brain stem. I call this stress tensor, the force of being. The presence of this force of being in an entity establishes being, or the existential state of awareness.

Birth is the initialization of an entity's force of being in space. Death is the permanent nonexistence of an entity's force of being in space. In other words, the stress tensor is permanently disabled. Life begins when the force of being is initialized in the womb. The period from conception to the beginning of life in the womb, is an expectation of life. Both life and the expectation of life should be celebrated.

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