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Its All about Pj Problem Strings - 7 Spaces Of Interest and their associated Basic Sequences; 7 Pj Problems of Interest (PPI) and their Alleles (A)

Economies As Expressions Of Pj problems - Peter O. Sagay

The economy of a space is the organized way in which the managers of the space manage its resources (sources of wealth). The space may be small (an individual space) or large (a country). In the case of a country, the manager is the government of the country. The objective of any manager is to grow that which is being managed. For example, the government of a country may want to grow the profit realized from the sales of natural resources and the goods and services produced by the citizens of the country. In the final analysis, this growth is dependent on the availability of markets.

The space containing the resources; the resources and the manager of the resources; the growth sought by the manager; and the markets that make the growth possible; are all expressions of Pj Problems. Consequently, economies are expressions of Pj Problems.

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