Denatured Conquest

Peter Oye Sagay

Sep 11, 2017

The ability to conquer (defeat or overwhelm) was incorporated into the being of cognitive beings at their creation because it is essential for survival (imagine a primitive human-space in which its hunters were unable to conquer games for sustenance). So, conquest (the act of conquering or the something conquered) is a natural phenomenon established by nature for the realization of survival. It is this naturalness that established the Predator-Prey Duality in nature. Although preys are the victims of this natural duality, nature also ensured their survival. Preys have various survival tools that range from their multitudeness to specific deterrents that inhibit the predator's pounce.

The naturalness of conquest has been denatured by some subsets of homosapiens who have reconfigured it into a vehicle for greed and oppressive power. This denatured conquest is the primary cause of many disequilibriums in modern human spaces. The demeaning and lack of respect for the lives and spaces of others are its most serious manifestations. It is ironic that these homosapiens have become less respectful of the lives and spaces of others than the animals they left behind in the jungle. The ferocious cats of the jungle rest peacefully in their spaces until they are hungry and or their immediate spaces are compromised. Then they will kill to survive. Not so for these homosapiens. They will kill for pleasure. They will travel long distances across oceans to disrupt the equilibriums in other spaces in the absence of existential threats by these spaces. They will infect these spaces with the poison of denatured conquest if necessary for the furtherance of their selfish ambitions.

Denatured conquest is an existential aberration. So, a people conquered has the existential right to reverse the conquest. Whether or not such a reversal is humanly possible depends on the finality of the conquest. A conquest is permanent and therefore irreversible if:
(1) The conquerors have a permanent computational superiority over the conquered. This computational superiority has many tangible and intangible manifestations, however, military and economic power are its primary components.
(2) The conquerors have the permanent desire and commitment to remain conquerors. The sticks and carrots method is usually the method by which the conquest is sustained. The carrots are used to create and sustain internal divisions among the conquered people. Those who accept the carrots are integrated into the system from where they are used as agents for the conquerors. The sticks are used to eventually neutralize those who refuse the carrots. The intellectuals are often the primary group of interest. Especially those with the expertise needed to realize advanced computational success.

The finality of denatured conquest can only be ascertained generation by generation. In other words, as long as there are significant numbers of intelligent descendants of the conquered; the repossession of a conquered space (i.e. the reversibility of the conquest) by the descendants of the conquered is always on the table, generation by generation.

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