Black Lives

Peter Oye Sagay

Jul 21, 2020

In the beginning, there were just lives: plant lives and animal lives. Then came hominid lives about four millions years ago in the space now known as Africa. There were several groups of hominids. Some became extinct and some continued on an evolutionary path. The groups that archaeologists and historians have accurately documented are:
Australopithecus (southern ape): these hominids lived about four million years ago. Scientists posit that they probably originated from eastern or southern Africa. Lucy (believed to be a common ancestor of varied hominids) became the most famous member of this group after her bones were discovered in 1974.
Homo Habilis (able man): these hominids lived in East Africa about two million years ago. There brains were larger than the Australopithecus group and they were the first hominids to use stone tools.
Homo erectus: these hominids lived in Africa about one and a half million years ago and were the first to comfortably stand upright. Perhaps because of their longer arms and legs. They were also the hominids that discovered fire.
Homo sapiens (wise man): this group lived about four hundred thousand years ago. They had relatively large brains, small jaws and long and straight limbs.They improved on stone tools and made tools from other materials such as animal bones and horns. It was this group that evolved into Neanderthals and homo sapiens sapiens. The Neanderthals had large brains. Their heavy build slowed their motions. They lived in the regions now known as Europe and southwestern Turkey and they buried their dead. They were eventually replaced by Homo sapiens sapiens.
Homo sapiens sapiens (wise wise man): this group emerged in Africa about Two Hundred Thousand years ago. Some members of this group began their slow migration out of Africa about One hundred Thousand years ago. Modern humans belong to this group. In other words, modern humans are direct descendants of homo sapiens sapiens.

Clearly, the Original Life of modern humans originated in the space now known as Africa. It is important to not confuse Original Life with Descendent Lives in the context of living things. Original Life is established once by a Creator. Descendent Lives can be established infinitely through the reproductive mechanism a Creator incorporates in the Original Life. The problem about whether or not a Creator exists is trivial. A Creator exists. I have presented the rationale for this assertion in several presentations. Two of which are In Search Of Ultimate Reality and the The Simplicity Of Nature's Infinite Intelligence. The rationale for the assertion is based on the simple work-force duality in nature. A more complex problem is in determining all the non-energy charateristics of the Creator, including the Name.

Over time, descendants of homo sapiens sapiens came to understand color. Consequently, the Portuguese and Spanish explorers who had the earliest contact with the space now known as Africa, started referring to its inhabitants as Negroes (meaning Black in Spanish and derived from the Latin word Niger with the same meaning). The natives never called themselves black people because they had tribal names for their tribal identities. They also did not call the explorers white people because they were not actually white. They initially called them strangers or visitors from across the seas.

The initial naming of the inhabitants of Africa as negros was not itself a bad thing. It was an attempt to simplify and generalize the descriptions of the complexities of the peoples and cultures the foreign explorers encountered. The evil began when the powers of the Western Civilization (Western Europe and America in particular) decided to equate negros with sub-humanity and inferior intelligence in order to prevent native excellence in the continent. A lot of brute force, theological and psychological strategies and tactics were used to accomplish this evil. Eventually, the descendants of Africans in the Americas rejected negro as a descriptive name for the collective. In its place, they established black. This change has been generally embraced.

Recently, the expression Black Lives Matter has become a source of irritation to many people who are either ignorant of their history or too arrogant to embrace it. The matterness of Black Lives is an ancient truth that predates the recent coinage of Black Lives Matter and the justified activism associated with it. In fact had the powers that be repected this ancient matterness, there would not have been the activism. Current nations of the world are made up of only Descendent Lives. The Original Lives with respect to homo sapiens sapiens and all the hominids before them (those who evolved and those who became extinct) were Black Lives. Original Lives are created once. Descendent Lives are continuations of that Creation. Consequently, All Lives are Black Lives.

The Creator established and acknowledged the Matterness of Black Lives. Who are you to disacknowledge it?

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