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Its All about Pj Problem Strings - 7 Spaces Of Interest and their associated Basic Sequences; 7 Pj Problems of Interest (PPI) and their Alleles (A)

Behaviors As Expressions Of Pj Problems - Peter O. Sagay

A Behavior is an action by a cognitive being. The action may be proactive or reactive. Although all actions by cognitve beings are behaviors, some particular actions are more readily grouped as behaviors than others. This grouping is usually based on a society's norms. For example, a rowdy customer in a restaurant will be perceived by decorous customers, in the context of behavior.

Behaviors are voluntary and involuntary spatial expressions of internal processes within cognitive beings. The control space within the cognitive being is responsible for the coordination of the processes and their expressions as behavior in space. In humans, the control space is the central nervous system.

The internal or external stimuli that initiate behavior; the space where the stimuli reside; the processing of the stimuli; the systems that carry-out the processing and the cognitive beings that express the processing in space are all expressions of Pj Problems. Consequently, behaviors are expressions of Pj Problems

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