America Burning - Racism In America

O. A. Asemota

May 31, 2018

The article Crack In The American Democracy by Peter Oye Sagay was posted in the TECTechnics' Wisebites Column about two years ago. I reread the article several times in the past couple of days before writing this article. I advise anyone in a position of authority and or power to read or reread the article in light of the cruel murder of George Floyd by the racist and former Minneapolis police, Derek Chauvin. The following is the gist of the article:

The fundamental reasons for the colonists' revolt as expressed by their representatives in the Declaration Of Independence can be summarized as follows:
- The government did not take care of the people
- The government suppressed the inalienable rights (absolute, natural rights not subject to transfer or surrender; such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) of the people.
So, the government can be overthrown since it has broken the social contract between it and the people.

The stresses that cause cracks in time-tested political systems are grievances against the government. The grievances are often similar to those expressed by the American colonists: lack of governmental care and suppression of natural rights. The cracks that result from these stresses are deep rooted divisions characterized by profound emotions that are anchored in ideological stances. Consequently, componential functionalities replace unitary system functionalities. System failure sets in. First, partial system failure. Then total system failure, if powers that be, continually ignore the stresses and cracks by refusing to repair system components in need of repair or replacement.

Some intelligent fools (intelligent because they are schooled but foolish because they lack wisdom) have characterized the expression of frustation and anger about continual oppressions as thuggery and criminality. There is a context for the fire raging in several American cities. The context is the continued oppression that is now being represented by the cruel murder of George Floyd. An image so animalistic and repulsive especially because it was perpetrated by a police officer, a representative of the government who should have known better. Those who should have diluted the anger by a swift arrest of the racist cop were waisting time considering due process and even okayed the deployment of over a dozen police officers to protect Derek Chauvin, a murderer. Who protected George Floyd? What due process did he get even as he cried out for mercy? Were the colonists thugs and criminals when they chose to fight against continual oppressions? Were the initiators of the First World War thugs and criminals when they chose to fight because Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were assasinated? Were former President Bush et la thugs and criminals when they invaded Iraq?

There is a context for America Burning. All in authority in all political systems everywhere should dismount from their respective power horses and self examine their structures for stresses and cracks, then commit to repair their respective partial system failures. There is a Revolution Now orientation brewing in many places around the world. Most of the oppressed believe they have had enough. It will be a grand error if they are continually ignored and mischaracterized as thugs and criminals.

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