God Bless My African Home

Lyrics And Music - Kimberlee J. Benart © 2009

God, bless my African home.
We beseech Thee, we Your children. In Your mercy hear our prayer.
Bless our homeland, green and fruitful, rivers flowing to the sea.

God, bless my African home.
Bless our nations: grant us justice, peace and unity.
Bless our people: guard and guide them as they work and strive each day.

God, bless my African home.
Bless our children: grant them laughter. Hold them in Your loving Hands.
Grant rest and comfort to them that are heavy laden.
God bless my African home.

God, bless my African home.
We beseech Thee, we Your children. In Your mercy hear our prayer.
Plant in us Your Love, as You Dwell in us. In Your mercy grant our need.
God, Bless my African Home.

Kimberlee wrote this song over a decade ago. Her prayer for the mother continent remains relevant. Kimberlee is an American woman to the core and one of the pioneers of civilian female professionalism in the American Airforce. She served her country loyally and efficiently for over three decades in various parts of the world. Nonetheless, like many wise persons, She realises that in the final analysis, we are all Africans: some left in search of greener pastures and some left not of their own volition. No matter how you left the mother continent directly or indirectly through your ancestors, the Spirit of Africa is in you. To pray for Her is as natural as praying for one's ancestors. Kimberlee Lived in Nigeria: she came, she saw, she helped and she prayed.

Peter Oye Simate Sagay: Simate was my mother, Sagay was my father.

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