God And The HomoSapiens Series

Peter Oye Sagay

Apr 16, 2019

The word God is a mapping onto the belief in the existence of an Ultimate Being. The philosophical presentation, In Search Of Ultimate Reality expresses the concept of Ultimate Being as follows:

It is explicitly or implicitly evident, no matter what volume one reads, that it is illogical to dispute the existence of ultimate reality. For whenever a type of ultimate reality is rejected, it is replaced with another ultimate reality sometimes unknowingly. Consider the Greek Sophists of the 5th century B.C. who were primarily skeptics. To them, reality itself was suspect as indicated by their famous maxim: “nothing is; or if anything is, it cannot be known.” The Sophists may not have acknowledged the gods, but they definitely had their ultimate reality as indicated by another of their famous maxim: “man is the measure of all things.” Even Atheist who are confirmed nonbelievers in the existence of gods or God, and Agnostics who await concrete proof of the existence of God before they can believe, have their ultimate reality. For the belief in nothing beyond self, is a belief in the ultimateness of self. Essentially, ultimate reality for religious people, past and present, is their respective God or gods. For non-religious people, past and present, ultimate reality exists as a variable intellectual abstraction.

In Simplicity Of Nature's Infinite Intelligence the following rationally premised assertion was made: work was done to establish the physical Universe. Consequently, there exist at least one primordial Force because work without force is anti-physics. This primordial Force is Ultimate Reality. In other words, self and any intellectual abstraction that does not pre-date the physical Universe cannot be equated with Ultimate Reality. This presentation embraces the primordial Force that initialized the creation of the physical Universe. You may name this Being as you please. This Being is Ultimate Reality and is named God in this presentation.

The homo sapiens series was introduced in Homo (Sapiens)n And The End Of Time. The gist of that presentation is that the evolution-track of homo sapiens consists of n-states and that the chief characteristic of the nth-state will be infinite intelligence. In other words, Homo (Sapiens)n will be infinitely intelligent and they will know all there is to know about the Universe. Current humans are homo sapiens-sapiens (homo (sapiens)2). Homo (Sapiens)3 is the next-state in the evolution of homo sapiens.

The question of interest in this presentation is this: what role is God playing in the evolution of homo-sapiens and why?

The existence of a Creator does not necessarily mean that the Creator is a continual participant in the continual work being done in the furtherance of a creation. In fact a great creator is primarily a visionary who knowns clearly the vision associated with his or her creation and how to assemble the able and committed team needed for the continual work required for the furtherance of his or her creation.

God, the Primordial Force that initialized the Work that created the physical Universe; evolves the homo sapiens-series as needed for the continual work required for the furtherance of His Creation (the physical Universe). What then is this continual work? It is simply Care for Space and its Contents. Primordial Care within the context of Primordial Equilibrium was established as a Natural Law immediately after God, established the Containership of the Void, Formless Space. On Care rest all true religions.

The Custodianship assigned to the homo sapiens-series will spread them out in Space as their evolution-track unfolds. This spread is not intended to nullify the Trinity Beauty (physical, mental and spiritual) of settled space. Rather it is intended to magnify it for the enjoyment of all.

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Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. John 20:29

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